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Arizona Blond Tarantula Sling Temperment/Handling- Docile. As with all creatures, caution should be taken when handling. This Spider does have the ability to shoot its hairs. Native Environment -Dry desert and scrub-lands Lifespan- Females live up to 30 years and Males living up to 10 years Enclosure- We recommend the ZooMed Creatures enclosures for these [...]


Bumba Cabocla


*Rare* New World Terrestrial spider that does well with higher humidities. Docile .25” Sling


Grammostola Pulchripes


Avicularia (Caribena) Metallica 1/4″-1/2″ Sling This is an amazing arboreal tarantula. As it grows, colors will start to pop that makes this tarantula a must have in your collection. An amazing display animal due to it tends to not only be colorful, but also more active than other species.


Brachypelma Boehmei 1″ Juvenile The Brachypelma Species of tarantula is hands down one of the best beginner tarantulas to keep. They are also a very docile tarantula that tend not to be bothered by being held.

Lasiodora Parahybana 4″ The Salmon Pink is a larger  tarantula averaging 8″-11″ as adults, with males being much larger, but females being heavier. Due to their size, this tarantula should not be housed in tall enclosures. Should this tarantula climb to high and fall, they could become injured or die.


Heterothele villosella 1.5-2” Captive Bred Gorgeous Tarantula that stays around 2-2.5”