Our Company

We strive to not only be the exclusive retailer and service company of central and northern Arizona, but the best at all times. Aquaria sustainability as well as customer satisfaction are our top priorities. We are not satisfied until you are. Let us design, maintain, and/or build you the best reptile enclosure, aquarium or pond of your dreams

Our Story

We started in this industry as hobbyists in the 1990s. Roy (the owner) started out with an 18 gallon reef tank, 75 gallon reef tank and a large pond in his back yard in California. As time passed, Roy got more and more into the hobby and grew his collection. After time in the US Coast Guard, he started working as a Koi Pond Technician in Los Angeles County. From there he moved on to become an Aquarium and Pond Technician, and at the same time started to get into growing coral and breeding fish and eventually moved in the industry over to Acclimation Aquarist at a livestock wholesaler.

It was there that Roy’s knowledge of fish and aquaculture took a leap. It was always Roy’s dream to have his own company and improve on the shortfalls of the industry, so after moving to Chino Valley, Arizona with his Wife and Son in August 2015, Roy took the opportunity to start his own company in 2016. Neptune’s Paradise now provides the people of Arizona only the best livestock, food, equipment, and services available. We have grown into a family company with my wife, son, and daughter. The love of Aquaria was never lost and they still spend their free time growing coral and breeding fish.